About me

I’m The Baker’s Son, literally!

I was born in the early 1970’s to immigrant parents (my father was a baker by trade) and raised very modestly under the traditional European mentality of don’t spend more than you you earn and avoid debt as much as possible. Good advice, but incomplete, as I will explore in my posts. Many of you may have be under the same guidance of find a job with a good company, work hard, put a little away for a rainy day and someday when you’re old you may be able to retire.

At an early age I realized there had to be a better way and been searching for it ever since. I’m getting closer to it each day and intend to share my thoughts and progress with you. Now, I really never believed in any get rich quick schemes (neither should you), though I have fantasized winning the lottery on occasion, I’m more in the “work smarter, not harder” camp.

I am a professionally designated accountant who has worked for Fortune 500 companies, as well as privately held companies. I have been investing for a little over 10 years during which I have made some mistakes but also had many successes. I intend to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made by exploring the trends and anomalies that I’ve witnessed and point out how the media confuses and distorts by what I call The Comparative Delusion.

A special thank-you to my wife (a.k.a. The Baker’s Daughter-In-Law) and PJGS for encouraging me.

I hope you will enjoy the journey,

The Baker’s Son

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